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Malaibar Foundation for Research and Development is a non-profit organisation. Dedicated to Research, Training, Publication, and Heritage Preservations, the organisation shapes committed efforts in the core areas of Religion, Science, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Art, Social Science and Literature. By offering original and new insights par excellence, MFRD connects like-minded scholars across the globe and collaborates with them for enlarged ideas in these research areas. Initiating alternative and new possibilities of thinking, it strives to construct innovative models of human potential with diverse ethical elements.


Research Centres

The Research centre project aims to develop more upgraded knowledge atmosphere under the minority education mission. Malaibar Foundation plans to establish such units in diverse field of knowledge.

Library & Information Centre

Library is an alternative world where a society can get intellectual maturity and study the value of people. It will be a pool of knowledge that also reflects the diversity of the world and its orders of matters.

Museum & Heritage Centre

As a part of its major aim to the preservation of of heritage Malaibar Foundation attempts to open an unique Heritage and Museum in the premises of Markaz Knowledge City.

Human Capital Development

As a part of Malaibar Foundation’s aimes to opening a centre for project implementation which focuses in the skill development and planning that also particularly emphasis in the advanced training.


To enhance more global advanced research, devolepment and training system to contribute towards the expansion of human knowledge and shaping a moral culture which helpful to the global peace and integrity


To create a hub of wisdom and knowledge, to conduct Basic / Applied / Quantitative/ Qualitative Research in the areas of Science & Technology, Religion & Civilization, Tradition & Heritage with the ultimate objective of contributing to human resource development, and to find application of research that results for the benefit of mankind and better tomorrow.

Core fields

• Social Science • Humanities
• Science & Technology • Religious Studies
• Art & Architecture • Literature
• Media & Communication
• Malaibar Studies • Translation Studies
• Manuscript • Law • Medicine




Malaibar Foundation’s capital is at the centre of Calicut- which is the part of early Malabar in Southern Kerala. This place has historical importance in trade, knowledge and multicultural plural system. In the early days, many world travellers, scholars, Artists and Merchants has visited Calicut for various purposes. And this is a place that has witnessed many scholastic development and intellectual discourses. It was an important centre for religious activities, global trade and more than anything the political resistance in the time of anti-colonial activities. Malaibar Foundation expands itself from this broad historically profound location in the world history and this makes this organization totally inspired by profound cultural integrity and intellectual tradition.