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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


  • To create modern and innovative Research, Training & Development Centre to facilitate and inspire research initiatives from inter institutions of Markaz Knowledge City.
  • To develop a knowledge culture that supports the ingredients of nation building and nation integrity.
  • To establish a system for globalizing traditional knowledge asset of a nation with more standard technological advancement and pedagogy.
  • To promote a group of advanced learners and researchers who can be the ambassadors of the long term heritage of the country.
  • To construct an epistatic pattern for making a generation with more peace and harmony along with giving proper guidance in the inter-civilizational dialogues.
  • To bring out more strategic experts to the global leadership for effective diplomacy and peace building.
  • To enhance more global learning system to the country with good number of international networks.
  • To carry out research and training for the interested scholars, mainly in the areas of civilization, culture and traditions in the forms of research fellowship and collaboration. Also to conduct Interdisciplinary Research Frameworks for achieving the sustainable development goals.
  • To disseminate knowledge on inter- religious Studies in order to increase public awareness through publication on various media such as research reports, web and internet-based publications, books journals and newsletters.
  • To create opportunities and to establish framework for mutual cooperation and collaborations for research, development and training.
  • To conduct research and development initiatives with the help of NGOs, Governmental organizations and corporate bodies which will contribute to National building.
  • To act and advocate for spirit of secularism.
  • To promote national integrity in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-caste, multi-regional society to achieve national objectives.
  • To promote economic and developmental activities for the benefit of the members of notified Minority communities of India.
  • To contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms.
  • To identify, review, develop and share best practices in education, lifestyle, and resource utilization and to improve quality life of human being.
  • To support upgradation of industrial knowledge and science.
  • To set up an advanced reference library consisting of relevant resources and materials from all disciplines of knowledge., and to share library resources among the members, and facilitate access to resources of libraries all over the world
  • To discover, collect, organize, preserve, present, publish and interpret History.
  • To collect and preserve manuscripts and archieves from all over the world and conduct research and exhibit to increase public awareness.
  • To promote and publicize Indian unique art, culture, tradition and heritage across the world.
  • To collect, document, preserve and support the knowledge of native medicines and ancient Indian healing techniques.
  • To provide cost effective research oriented consultancy services to Government, public, and private enterprises/ agencies etc and take on services for execution.
  • To support and strengthen Governments and policy makers by providing knowledge gathered through research and development initiatives; to become inclusive, participatory and efficient institutions of the people which address food & livelihood security, health, education and other primary entitlements.
  • To conduct conferences, forums, seminars and lectures for scholars, researchers and general public as a continuing education and training process for critical, analytical and creative understanding of science, technology, religious and traditions.
  • To promote and develop development paradigm to fulfill economic, social, cultural, and spiritual aspirations of society.
  • To encourage inter religious dialogues and mutual relationships with interested individuals and institutions regarding better understanding of religious tradition and advocate for peace and harmony. And to utilize history and civilization as tool to support inter cultural and inter religious harmony.
  • To generate a wide-ranging and integrated academic atmosphere in the field of education and research.
  • To collaborate with various universities, research centres, NGOs and Governmental organizations across the globe for making multilateral projects in research and training.
  • To do of all other lawful things as considered necessary for the furtherance of the above objects.