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Monday, December 5, 2022

Human Capital Training

This centre for project implementation which focuses in the skill development and planning is a part of Malaibar Founadtion’s aim for gaining more human potential for social entrepreneurship. It also particularly emphasis in the advanced training. Through this, it attempts to make more quality human capitals for next generation in multilateral social and economic sector. The areas of projects corporate with the CSR initiates for social development, skill training, scientific advancement, women integrity and economic empowerment. Through all these this component will work as a major part of the organisation in the human capital development sector in an advanced way, and efforts to be the part of social acceleration with more advancements and developments that can also be the part of global trends in all sectors.

The project focuses on the unskilled labours and the unemployment section of the social sector. It makes them more skilled and enhances human capital investment. It contributes more idea to the advanced learning in the sustainable nation building And also access good number of developmental projects for the social development. It also plans to open finishing schools and upgrade the quality of institutions and human capitals

The major area of people that this particular organ focuses is the developing sector. The organ will study and operate appropriate projects and implement value based system to make them more advanced in different sectors. For the purpose the organisation will associate with the corporate companies and big institutes for the technical and financial support. This joint action together will help to develop an advanced version of social development in technical sector and will be more beneficial for the developing and under developed sectors of the nation.

The major beneficiaries of this component will be the underdeveloped sector of the society, where they can make training and get employed in the world of multiple opportunities either in the native country or abroad. In this weak sector, the component will include all kind of human capital living in the backyards of the social development. It includes women, students and orphans.