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The Location


Malaibar Founadtion’s capital is at the centre of Calicut- which is the part of early Malabar in Southern Kerala. This place has historical importance in trade, knowledge and multicultural plural system. In the early days, many world travellers, scholars, Artists and Merchants has visited Calicut for various purposes. And this is a place that has witnessed many scholastic development and intellectual discourses. It was an important centre for religious activities, global trade and more than anything the political resistance in the time of anti-colonial activities. Malaibar Founadtion’s expands itself from this broad historically profound location in the world history and this makes this Organisation totally inspired by profound cultural integrity and intellectual tradition.

The location has been muted in recent years, especially immediately after 1947’s colonial impact. Due to the overloaded imperialist impact in various fields, the history and culture of the region- that maintained a global standard for many years, ghettoised and felt the fold of marginal. By establishing Malaibar Foundation at Calicut, the capital of Malabar in Southern Kerala, attempts to regain the glory of the past generation in a larger spectrum. Thus this location is the most appropriate place for the people who loves knowledge and human integrity in today’s world.

Capital site Spread over 125 acres of lush greenery, the Markaz Knowledge City is one of the enormous projects in South India, located at Kaithapoyil, just 40 Kms from Calicut City.
Markaz Knowledge City is conceived as an Integrated Township providing infrastructure for high class Academic Institutions, Residential facilities, Health & Hospitality facilities, Recreation & Leisure facilities and Commercial facilities intended to promote the city as a centre of international excellence - An Integrated Township for LEARNING, LIVING & LEISURE.

The city concept is developed by integrating the very core aspects of life ‘Learn, Work, Live, & Leisure'. This is a city where children can walk to school, people can walk to their office and business establishments enjoy the most modern commercial comforts
It can be further defined as “A town where people could live and work in a pleasant environment and take pride in their surroundings.

The Markaz Knowledge City is essentially intended as a sustainable development on a long term basis, which can evolve over a period of time and in a phased manner to become one of the finest learning centres across the world. Provision of quality social infrastructure in the form of residential facilities for students and faculty, schools, health centres, leisure facilities and other amenities of importance is intended to attract good quality living at Markaz Knowledge City.