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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Library & Information Centre

The library and information centre set up by to makes available all kind of information that is inevitable to substantially justify the needs of its operations that road to the preparation of society to the world class advancement of life and practice. It will be a pool of knowledge that also reflects the diversity of the world and its order of matters. And its location in particular compliments to the production and reproduction of the knowledge capital, Markaz Knowledge City, in a large spectrum.

This special component assures to bring out all kind of information available resources that is helpful to generate the ideas that leads to sharp thinking. By bringing books and other resources of texts, this component will also maintain the quality technological advancement in the premises, especially the digital -library and the borderless possibilities of making knowledge outnumbered in the digital spaces.

The possibilities of this project is vested in the upgrading of technical advancement of its living society. This library and information centre will be the capital of all research centre units under MFRD and all educational institutions particularly inside the premises of Markaz Knowledge City.

It makes available of different categorised knowledge streams in all its levels. By collecting all important classical and contemporary works of reputed authors, also to create a pool of thoughts and thinking and standardise the human capital to work around the component with more skill and knowledge.
It also aims to set up a club of scholars and intellectuals for making the mission of knowledge reform, specialise the informality of the resources and its needs in the society.
Through all these, the organ seriously aims to accommodate the knowledge of diversity and multidisciplinary academics. And, that context of pool of people who has no availability of resources is assured the need of an advanced library in the location.