History Writing Methods


Discussion about the social change in Malayalee Muslim community has suggested that Malayalee Muslim historiography was narrowly influenced by the method of understanding the developments at the forefront of current socio-political demands.

Researchers should be prepared to raise the history of historical history that will help to identify the historical experience from their social, cultural and economic backgrounds. Discussing that such approaches can only be tracked with history and diversity. There should be attempts to analyze the social changes between the Muslims with the changes in the community and other areas of the region. The debate also indicated another major challenge facing the local community development of social experiences.

Malabar Institute for Advanced Studies, in collaboration with Academic Collaboration of Sirajul HUDA College of Integrated Studies in connection with Markus Ruby Jubilee. Abbas Panakkal, Abdul Raoof Ottathingal, TK Ali Ashraf, Dr. Shuhul Amin, Mujeebur Rahman Vazhakkakan, Jayaram Janardhanan and PK Abdurahman spoke.