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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Museum & Heritage Centre

To Preserve the past with more advanced settings, Malaibar Foundation creating this Museum & Heritage Centre. Through this it attempts to protect the decline of history that happened by the demolition of the historical reference points. By setting studios for the preservation of early materials of the society, the coming generation can understand the rise and fall of a civilisation. And in this unit it tries to collect all major historical material components from all around the world, especially from the nook and corners of Malabar region where a profound cultural patterns and social formats lived together for many years. In its very fundamental ideas this component will seriously look in to the part of making the custodian of people’s heritage and preserve it all in an advanced format to make it available to the world in the coming days.

The relevance of the project lies in the juxtaposition of meeting modernity and its technological advancement, that accomplishes the everyday life of a generation that is muted to the narratives of the past. Malaibar Foundation aims to make an effective blending of past with the present narrations along with fitting more modern technological advancement without losing any single pattern of the history and its profound heritage.
To collect historical materials from all the locations around the world and preserve it all in the most effective methods is the aim of this archive for early heritage. It also establishes a better research unit for the preservation of heritage sites, conduct studies and analysis about the heritage and also funds major historical sites and preserves them retaining its value and beauty.

Rather than exhibiting the material things of the heritage items, this component in Markaz Knowledge City premises will be looking forward to establish a disciplinary format too, that can be easily available to a people around that interested in it.
Its main purpose lies in bringing scholars, academics, researchers and history and heritage interested people to a very particular location and showcase the yesterday of a profound generation, such that it can also be a reference point in gathering values and ethics to their life.