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About Us


Malaibar Foundation for Research and Development is an autonomous body for advanced Research, Heritage Preservation, and Human Capital Development. Established as a non-profit institution incorporated under section 8 of the companies act 2013, it is envisioned to function as an educational hub that helps to develop the knowledge tradition supporting the long term minority empowerment. Thus taking part in nation building by bringing global educational trends with more human values in all subjects.

Malaibar Foundation is a part of the academic expansion of Markaz’s second generation educational movement Markaz Knowledge City (MKC). With a very successful intellectual journey for over forty years, Markaz initiated numerous educational Centre’s from primary educational units to post graduate institutions. MKC mainly focus in upgrading all kind of educational system that is followed by its mother institution. And Malaibar Foundation along with research and innovation in various modern intellectual streams with a blend of traditional knowledge aims to reform the conventional ways and means of knowledge.

At Malaibar Foundation people will not be discriminated in the name of cast, creed or any other form of division that harm global peace and national integrity. All the people will be put together to help create a pool of well-crafted vision for global transformation of world peace and sustainability. It also attempts to bring out all crucial theoretical and elite bounded knowledge economy to the everyday surfaces of the common people.

Malaibar Foundation aims to build interdisciplinary Research Hubs, Library and Information Centre, Museum and Heritage Centre to compile all traditional heritage of the Malabar region which includes all Manuscripts and historical testimonies of the region. Team of Malaibar Foundation----g is composed of intellectuals and experts who are committed in the advancement of knowledge production and re-production. It will collaborate with various Universities, Research Centers, NGOs and Governmental Organisations across the globe for making multilateral projects in Research, Development and Training.

"MFRD - an autonomous educational hub for interdisciplinary knowledge transaction "


To enhance more global advanced research, development and training system to contribute towards the expansion of human knowledge and shaping a moral culture which helpful to the global peace and integrity.


To create a hub of wisdom and knowledge, to conduct Basic / Applied / Quantitative/ Qualitative Research in the areas of Science & Technology, Religion & Civilization, Tradition & Heritage with the ultimate objective of contributing to human resource development, and to find application of research that results for the benefit of mankind and better tomorrow.

Core working fields

• Social Science • Humanities
• Science & Technology
• Religious Studies
• Art & Architecture
• Literature
• Media & Communication
• Malaibar Studies
• Translation Studies • Manuscript
• Law • Medicine